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My very first trip overseas. I think reason I went to some Pacific Islands is because I could not think beyond my part of the world. Enthusiasm made up for a complete lack of knowledge and experience, the kindness of the people I interacted with is what got me through it all. It took many years to eventually realise this was one of my very best trips, a complete lack of planning made it possible for those unexpected, unplanned experiences to have a chance to happen. Back in 1979 the country was still called New Hebrides. Independence came in July 1980 and the country changed its name to Vanuatu. I still like to think of it as the New Hebrides.

1979-stamp-all islands large greenI have used my diary entries to tell the story, 100% unedited except a minor omission at the start. Forgiveness is needed for some of the silly things a very naive young me said back then!

All photos were taken using slide film and many years later converted to a digital format. Thus most of them look a bit rough. Also because there are so few photos, I have include all that I have.

All artwork is of stamps collected, drawings I did, photos of shells I found or that were given to me and any other bits and pieces I have kept as keepsakes.

Looking at the stamp here on the right, I ended up going to almost all of the islands from Efate (Port Vila) up to Banks, some only briefly of course.


Use these links to see pages about this trip.

Sydney to Vila               Efate by Motorbike               Vila               Shepherd Islands

To Santo               Espiritu Santo               Port Orly               Big Bay               Aore

The Selwyn               Loh Island               Return to Vila



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