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After my first trip overseas in 1979 I immediately started to plan the next adventure and in less than a year was heading for India and Nepal. I remember thinking that India should be dealt with when young and fit but now I think old and cunning would do just as well. I knew I wanted to trek in Nepal but it is amazing what limited and poor quality gear I took, I really had no idea. But I did manage to take less with me than the previous trip. It is now impossible to remember how much planning I did and in what detail, I don’t even know if I looked at any guidebooks. But like my trip the previous year a young naive me managed to have a brilliant time and I look back on these two trips as possibly the very best up there with my 1993 trip to Greenland.

1980 Feature 2
I have used only my diary entries to tell the story which are 100% unedited. In italic text  I may have added
some additional comments. Forgive me for some of the silly things a very naive young me said back then!

All photos were taken using slide film and many years later converted to a digital format. Thus most of them look a bit rough. Also, because there are so few photos all have been included.

Use these links to see pages about this trip.

Singapore  ~  Madras to Calcutta  ~  Darjeeling  ~  Kanchenjunga Trek  ~  Kanchenjunga

Darjeeling to Kathmandu  ~  Kathmandu  ~  Everest Trek  ~  Namche Bazaar  ~  Thangboche

Periche  ~  Lobouje  ~  Everest  ~  To Namche Bazaar  ~  To Gokyo  ~  Gokyo  ~  End Nepal

Return to India  ~  Varanasi  ~  Agra  ~  Delhi and Srinagar  ~  Gulmarg  ~  Delhi and Madras

Return to Singapore



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