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This time I wanted to do a more modern country but still exotic and with a unique culture. So Japan was my main target. I was able to buy a ‘Circle Pacific’ air ticket which seemed to be good value (long before discount airlines) and it enabled me to visit some other destinations. I also had a Work/Holiday visa for Japan so spent a few too many days hanging around Tokyo which may make for some boring reading here in this blog. I did the first part of a Japanese Language Course which was a big help but I certainly learned more when in Japan and especially when I was endlessly hitching-hiking here, there and everywhere.

1983 FeatureI have used only my diary entries to tell the story, these entries are 100% unedited so will include days when I did nothing at all and probably some silly comments by a young naïve me. In italic text  I may have added some additional comments.

All photos were taken using film and the photos later scanned and made digital. I have included every photo regardless of their quality.

Any artwork there is are photos of things purchased or given to me, postage stamps collected, rubber stamps from hostels stayed at and any other bits and pieces I have kept as keepsakes.

Use these links to see pages about this trip.

Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong          Tokyo          Nikko and Nagatoro          Sado Shima

West and North Hokkaido         Hokkaido         Northern Honshu         Nikko          Matsumoto

Shirakawa-go           Kyoto           Magome           Tokyo to San Francisco           Hawaii and Fiji

New Zealand




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