Australian male, born 1957.
Single, never married, no kids.
Typical lower middle-class Sydney suburban childhood.
After highschool had 4 year apprenticeship to become Signwriter.
Same trade for entire work career.
First trip overseas very soon after finishing apprenticeship.
Typical lower middle-class Sydney suburban adulthood.
Trips overseas from 1979 to 1996 then lost the travel bug.
Left Sydney at end of 2003 for 7 years living in the country.
5 acres, goats, sheep, fruit trees and vegie patch.
Lots of satisfying toil turning rough land into hobby farm.
Trip overseas in 2005 and travel bug returned.
Sold up at end of 2010. Stored my very few possessions, packed my backpack and went overseas.
Travelled from December 2010 to end of August 2011.
During this time I realised I could live off my nest egg so I will not work again.
Also discovered the Greek islands and returned in 2012 and 2013.
Now renting a room by the year on my favourite Greek island which is now my base.

ABOUT: This Blog

I think of this blog as my archive of all my past travels and of course can add future travels. At present I have a lot of catching up to do and this will take a long time.

I have travelled enough to modestly share some wisdom here as well as tell a few stories.

I am a very average person that gets out and travels independently. I am not necessarily good at it but I love it and achieve whatever I dream of doing and get to where I want to go. Once I decide I want to go somewhere I get there 100% of the times.

The name of this blog, theactoftravel maybe sums up my attitude towards travel. As much as I love the ‘art’ of travel (whatever that actually is), it is the ‘act of’ travel that I love. How good you are at travelling is unimportant, getting out there and fulfilling your dreams of going to places you have long wondered about is everything. If you want to go from A to B then the success is getting to B. Whether it ends up being an ordeal or you make endless clutsy mistakes, if you get to B then you have been 100% successful. Travel is not a competition, it is a dream and/or adventure you live. It is something you do, experience, live. You don’t need to be arty.

Any wisdom or advice I think worth sharing, stories to tell, opinions to express, gear to recommend, stuff like that you will find via the links on the same menu bar as this About page is on.

The ongoing archiving of my trips are the dates across the top of the Homepage starting with 1979. At this time only 1979 and 1980 are as good as finished.


If you were born after I did my first trip then maybe you can learn a little from an old hand who has made and is still making every travel related mistake that can be made! And from these mistakes and occasional successes I have learned a thing or two. You can possibly have a head-start I certainly needed all those years ago. If you are an oldie like me maybe you might be able to relate to some of what I have done over the years.


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