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Gear. Ah, many a traveller’s obsession. How nice it is to head out the door with your pack full of the perfect gear. If only. My gear was never right throughout all of my earlier trips and only in 2011 did I finally get it right. After 8 months of travel during 2011 I realised I can get it righter! My next opportunity for the perfect gear is early 2014, that’s when I will be able to get this page going.

The good news is that the Gear List I compiled for the 2011 trip I have never been able to add to. I look and look at it and try and work out what  more do I need. If anything, it has been possible to fine tune it that little bit more and have options to reduce. And of course new bits of gear come along that save you space in your pack and more importantly weight.

Here are links to all the Gear Posts I have added to this blog.

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